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About us

IT has become a very important business tool. It can increase efficiency, drive down costs and allow companies to compete on a global basis. But it can also be expensive, time consuming and, if not well managed, it can begin to control your business. Do you sometimes feel that IT decisions are being made without you? IT projects do not have to be run like this, you can be fully involved and shape exactly what is being delivered. But to enable this, you may need the assistance of a business specialist who also understands IT, someone you can rely on to ensure that your ideas are translated accurately. DOTIT is that specialist. We provide a complete range of technology services that allow you to focus on what you do best This site aims to provide you with an overview of the products and services we provide, the solutions we offer and the partners we use to achieve our clients’ objectives.

DOTIT was established by experienced computer consultants offering a range of IT solutions and services from simple email hosting to fully outsourced implementation and support solutions. DOTIT has enjoyed steady growth of products and services to provide complete solutions to companies of any size. Amongst its service portfolio, DOTIT offer Managed IT, Support Services, ISP Services, and Email Security Specialist DOTIT strives to provide total integrated cost saving solutions to our clients. DOTIT has partnered with the best in their field, some local and some international, vendors such as Google, Microsoft, Kaspersky, Internet Solutions and SAIX, to give our customer base the best of all worlds. DOTIT was founded in March of 2001 and is privately owned and funded.