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Enabling your business

What we do

We provide a range of IT services, products and solutions that enable your business. We have been supporting business across Africa for over 15 years, constantly evolving our services to meet demand.

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Managed Services

If you are not an IT expert but your business depends on technology, our range of Managed Services solutions enable you to focus on what you excel at. We take care of the rest

Managed Services lowers costs, improves responsiveness and enables innovation. We effectively become an extension of your business. 

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Virtual Online Desktops

Traditional on-premise IT is a thing of the past. Through our Virtual Online Desktop solution, you get all the benefits of managed desktops, without needing anything more than an internet connection.

We have the most cost effective solutions for implementing and managing VDI solutions.

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Staying in contact with your customers and business is essential but traditional phone systems are expensive to maintain, limited in features and tie you to a physical location.

Our managed telephony solutions solve all that while giving you more ability to stay in touch.

Office 365

The Cloud has changed everything in a very short space of time, If you need help making it all work, we can help getting you setup, migrating your old systems to the cloud and ensuring you and your users are supported.

We have years of experience in managing Office 365 implementations for a broad range of customers.

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Custom development

All businesses are different. So why would they all use exactly the same software? if you have a unique business model or want to create a new service for your customers, we can develop everything from line of business applications to mobile apps and websites.

Hosting Services

If you have hosting requirements, we have the services your need to ensure stable, cost effective and scalable provision of your website, IT infrastructure or apps. 

In addition our own Dedicated Cloud Hosting data center, we partner with Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS and Google Cloud to provide you with the right solution. 

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Support & Maintenance

Ensuring your investment in IT continues to enable, not disable your business, is essential in the modern day. It is not exciting but it is critical to your success as a business.

We have been providing Support & Maintenance services since 2001.

IT sales

If you need new equipment to replace old desktops, servers, printers or any specialist items, we can help. We have been reselling hardware and software alongside our services for almost 20 years.

We provide transparent pricing, post sales support and Support & Maintenance services to ensure your investment in IT is protected.

Service not listed?

We can help

IT can complicated at the best of times. New terms pop up every day and its hard to keep track. If you have an issue with anything IT related but you don't see it listed here, give us a call anyway.

There is a good chance we can help and if we can't,
we will know someone who can.

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We exist for one reason: to make your business more efficient, enabling it to achieve more with less. 

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